Story telling doesn’t get much better than this! The honour of capturing a couple’s wedding day, that unique and glorious fairytale, underscored by the powerful emotions of a Shakespearean romance is truly, truly magical.

The morning sunrise and ice-cold breakfast champagne as you slip into that voluminous underskirt and freshly picked shoes; The frisson of nervous energy at the best man’s whispered rehearsal as he pins on his buttonhole; The breathless unspoken glances; The tears, the vows ... the celebrations!


You will have done all the hard work and spent months planning, it would be utterly remiss of me to say the least, if I were to just turn up on the day and expect to capture every moment perfectly. How can you possibly tell a story if you haven’t read the script?

So as part of my preparations I will talk through the entire day with you, make a prior visit to the various locations you’ve chosen in order to get a feel for their atmosphere and try out some test shots.

More importantly we will get a proper chance to really get to know each other on a designated pre-shoot, which I feel is vital for you both to see how we work as a team and means you will be far more relaxed about the cameras come the actual day itself. And the best bit for me? ... Is that your wedding photographs often form just the first chapter of your amazing story. I feel immensely privileged when I am invited back to continue that story telling with the arrival of children, then their christenings, family picnics and birthdays.

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