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Having spent over a quarter of a century honing his story telling skills as an actor, Mark brings a wonderful dynamic depth of artistic talent to the EK Film & Photography team. Working with acclaimed movie and theatre directors both here and in the U.S. has given him a truly unique skill set – a skill set that transforms our films from the humdrum, to the magical. He describes what he does as ‘cinematography’.

On live events, in real time, he will evaluate composition, lighting, cameras, lenses, angles, techniques and most importantly you. After all it is your film and your story. Technology has advanced rapidly, to the point where most humans on the planet now have the ability to film live situations, however pointing a camera at someone and hitting record is not what he does. The passion and creativity on a shoot day is incredible to watch and if you ever see him having a quiet contemplative moment, don’t worry – he’s already planning the edit in his head!

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