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The Team

Elizabeth & Mark 

We met 20 years ago with a rather passionate start, Mark called me every name under the sun (this is a family website so I shall skip over his profanities) and while I had similar thoughts on his personality, we were actually working together, hired by the BBC, so we had no choice but to get our heads down and produce some good footage.

Fast forward only a few months and this fiery redhead fell in love, Mark will tell you that he didn't surrender for some months after, but I feel it was more like hours! 

We have beencreating visual stories side by side ever since. 

Photography & Cinematography 

Cinematography & Photography 

Photography & Cinematography 

Elizabeth Keates PhotographySue Chapman 6 By Elizabeth Keates Photography

Administration & Accounts

Keates & Rawlings

Mark& Elizabeth
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